Designing Your Slides for Your Sales Presentations - dummies

Designing Your Slides for Your Sales Presentations

By Julie M. Hansen

Part of Sales Presentations For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The best slides tell a story, but that story can get miscommunicated or lost on your prospect if your presentation slide is unclear or difficult to read. Subject each slide in your deck to these guidelines to make sure that you’re using your valuable real estate wisely.

  • Keep one message per slide.

  • No more than six lines of text.

  • Choose images that create an emotional connection.

  • Create simple graphs for statistics.

  • Keep to a consistent color palette.

  • Avoid tired templates and create your own look.

  • Limit animated transitions and builds.

  • Use contrast colors in background.

  • Use dark type on a light background.

  • Feature 18-point type so text is easy to read at a distance.

  • Load up the white space.