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The Importance of Your eBay Social Profile

By Marsha Collier

Want to know more about the people on eBay? You can learn by clicking their User IDs to visit their Profile pages. eBay users with active Profile pages have a Me icon (with a blue lowercase m and a red lowercase e) next to their User IDs.

If you’re on eBay, you need a Profile page; consider it akin to your Facebook page. Checking out the Profile for each person you conduct business with gives you an opportunity to get to know those folks. Because eBay is a cyberspace market, you have no other way to let prospective bidders know that you’re a real person. (Don’t you shop at some stores because you like the owners or people who work there?)

The Profile page enables you to personalize yourself as a bidder to sellers and as a business to prospective bidders.

business Profile page eBay
An example of a business Profile page from member NobleSpirit.

A Profile page benefits you also when you buy. Sellers like to know about bidders to build confidence in their trading partners. You can see an example of a personal My eBay page.

eBay business profile
Monjott tells us about their business.

If you don’t have a Profile page, take a minute set one up. It doesn’t have to be a work of art; just get something up there to tell the rest of the community who you are. You can always go back later and add to it.

The Profile page can also be a deal-maker or a deal-breaker.

Once a buyer was looking around eBay for some extra-long cables, and she found exactly what she needed. One of the lower-priced sellers had a low feedback rating because he was new on eBay. But he had a Profile (previously called an About Me page. His page showed that the seller was a computer technician by trade, and that he and his son made these computer cables together as a family business at home in the evenings. The money they made went to pay for their father-son trips to see their favorite baseball team play. What a great family enterprise! Better yet, he guaranteed the cables. As you might have guessed, this resulted in a good sale and positive feedback on both sides.