How to Join eBay's Community - dummies

How to Join eBay’s Community

By Marsha Collier

On the bottom of every eBay page is a group of links: Click Community to connect to other eBay members; or click the Announcement link to check proposed changes to the site on the Announcements page. But there’s a whole lot more to the Community area of eBay. Take a little time to explore it for yourself.

It’s not quite The New York Times, but you can find all the announcements, groups, and discussion board links from the Community Overview page. (eBay is continually making changes to the community, so note that this page will change with regularity.)


Here’s a list of the core headings of the main Community page. Each heading offers you links to the specific eBay areas:

  • Answer Center: Questions can be asked on almost any topic. Everyone may have an opinion, and you may get a solid answer.

  • Discussion Boards: Click the links in this section to be whisked to eBay’s discussion boards.

  • Groups: Are you a joiner? There are lots of folks with special interests on eBay that want to share. Here’s where you will find them.

  • Announcements: This area covers general news, policy changes, technology updates, system announcements, and more. You can also find links to eBay events, including Town Hall meetings, eBay Radio, and Online Workshops.

  • Buying Guides: Here you will find community-generated content. Want to read other eBay members’ opinions on products? Read their reviews? Click this area and you can also search for Guides (short product-related posts). From the Reviews pages, you will find links to items selling the product and for what price it is being sold on eBay.

  • Community Resources: Here you will find links to policies, Security Center, and the Feedback Forum.

There are many places to connect with other eBay community members. Many are active on social media networks.