How eBay's Buy It Now Option Works - dummies

How eBay’s Buy It Now Option Works

eBay’s Buy It Now (BIN in eBay-speak) option is available for single-item auctions only. This feature allows buyers to purchase an item now. Have you ever wanted an item really badly and you didn’t want to wait until the end of an auction? If the seller offers Buy It Now, you can purchase that item immediately at a price set by the seller.

As a seller, if you want to offer a BIN option, you specify the amount the item can sell for in the Buy It Now price area — the amount can be whatever you want. If you choose to sell a hot item during the holiday rush, for example, you can make the BIN price as high as you think it can go. If you just want the item to move, make your BIN price the average price you see the item go for on eBay.

In most categories, when your item receives a bid, the BIN option disappears and the item goes through the normal auction process. If you have a reserve price on your item, the BIN feature doesn’t disappear until a bidder meets your reserve price through the normal bidding process. To list an item with Buy It Now, you must have a feedback of 10 or be ID verified.

The Buy It Now price will remain, if there is a bid that doesn’t reach 50% of your BIN price in certain categories:

  • Parts & Accessories (eBay Motors)

  • Tickets

  • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

  • Cell Phones & PDAs