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For Seniors: How to Plan for Optional eBay Fees

By Marsha Collier

eBay has options that you can use to get your listings noticed — for example, bold face titles (for appearance) and subtitles (for adding extra item information). The options you choose (and the price you’re willing to pay) depend on the type and price of the items you plan to sell.

Here are eBay listing options and what they’ll cost you.

eBay Optional-Feature Fees
Option Fee (Auction or Fixed-Price) 3, 5, 7, 10 days Fixed-Price Fee (per 30 days)
Value Pack (Gallery Plus, Subtitle, and Listing Designer) $0.65 $2.00
Boldface title $2.00 $4.00
Featured First (for Top-rated Sellers) $24.95 $74.95
List in two categories Double-listing and upgrade fees Double-listing and upgrade fees
10-day auction $0.40 n/a
Listing Designer $0.10 $0.30
Scheduled listings $0.10 $0.10
Subtitle $0.50 $1.50
Picture hosting First picture free, each additional $0.15
eBay Motors vehicle BIN fee $1.00 for vehicles
Passenger vehicle reserve fee $7.00

eBay also charges an upgrade fee when you use the Buy-It-Now option on your listings. This table shows how Buy-It-Now upgrade fees break down.

Buy-It-Now Fees
Buy-It-Now Price Fee
$0.01–$9.99 $0.05
$10.00–$24.99 $0.10
$25.00–$49.99 $0.20
$50.00 or more $0.25