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For Seniors: How to Know What eBay Considers Infringing or Questionable Items

By Marsha Collier

eBay has its rules about the types of items you can sell. The following table lets you know what eBay considers infringing or questionable items. (Questionable items may be sold under certain conditions only.)

eBay Infringing Items
Item Including Comments
Re-recorded music, movies, or television shows Any entertainment media that’s been re-recorded from an
original source
For music, an original source would be a compact disc, cassette
tape, or record; for movies, an original DVD, laser disc, or
commercial VHS tape; for television shows, an original network,
cable, or satellite service airing.
Copied software and computer games Any such programs that have been copied from CD-ROMs or disks
(and that includes hard drives — anybody’s)
Counterfeit items (also called knock-offs) Clothes, accessories, and jewelry that have been produced,
copied, or imitated without the permission of the manufacturer
Bart Simpson knock-off T-shirts abounded in the early
eBay Questionable Items
Item Including Restrictions
Event tickets Concerts, sporting events, plays, and so on Laws regarding the sale of event tickets vary from state to
state, even city to city. Some laws prohibit reselling the ticket
for a price higher than the amount printed on the face of the
ticket. Some states limit the amount you can add to the
ticket’s face value.
Wine and alcohol Wine and alcohol products, kits or ingredients for making
alcoholic beverages, food with alcoholic ingredients
eBay does not permit sales of any alcohol products unless they
are sold for their “collectible” containers (and there
are several restrictions on the containers and their values). You
may sell wine for consumption if you have a liquor license and are
preapproved by eBay.
Erotica To see what forms of erotica eBay allows and what it prohibits,
type into your
One thing that’s definitely illegal, wrong, and criminal
is child pornography. If someone reports that you’re selling
child pornography, eBay forwards your registration information to
law enforcement for criminal prosecution.