How to Communicate Graphically with Emoticons on eBay - dummies

How to Communicate Graphically with Emoticons on eBay

By Marsha Collier

Many eBay users add emoticons to communicate graphically on eBay. Many experienced posters to the board have cute little smiley icons (called emoticons) next to their posts to show emotion. Emoticons can help indicate whether the writer is being (for example) sincere, ironic, or goofy about what he wrote. The following table shows how you too can doll up (or clarify) your posts with a little emotion.

You can type the keyboard shortcuts or use the HTML image links to display your chosen icon. Be sure not to put spaces between the characters in the key combinations. Using HTML is pretty easy; just pick the expression of your choice and insert the image link as a command. For example, here’s the command for a blushing smiley:

<img src=""> 
Emoticon Expression Key Combinations HTML Image Link
Angry X – (
Cool B – )
Devilish ] : )
Open-mouth smile : D
Smiling : )
Smiling with heart: love : x
Straight-faced : |
Frowning : (
Shocked or surprised : O
Being silly, with tongue stuck out : p
Winking ; )
Question mark on cheek: confused ? : |
Blushing : 8 }
Sobbing : _ |
Laughing : ^ O
Full of mischief ;