Creating a Successful Fundraising Strategy - dummies

Creating a Successful Fundraising Strategy

By John Mutz, Katherine Murray

Part of Fundraising For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Fundraising is a never-ending task for most nonprofit organizations. Although you may raise money with various campaigns for different programs within your agency, your overarching fundraising strategy requires you to

  • Write your mission statement — make it clear and memorable.

  • Develop a case statement that reflects who you are and what you do.

  • Develop a fundraising plan.

  • Choose dynamic leaders for your fundraising campaigns.

  • Involve your board in various aspects of your fundraising strategy.

  • Continually build, slice, and dice your donor list.

  • Build an online audience with social media.

  • Use all communication avenues — in person, by phone, through social media, the Web, e-mail, newsletters, and print — to connect with your donors.

  • Assess your effectiveness in all campaigns and do more of what works — and less of what doesn’t.