Trying Different Sales Closing Techniques - dummies

Trying Different Sales Closing Techniques

By Alexander Hiam

Part of Marketing Kit For Dummies Cheat Sheet

After you’ve met a prospective client and given your presentation, how do you close the deal? If you want to take a different approach to closing the sale, try using a closing technique different from your usual one:

  • Direct close: Ask your prospect whether he’s ready to place his order.

  • Trial close: Ask him to make small decisions that may eventually add up to a completed order.

  • Wrap-up close: Summarize your presentation and his needs to set the stage for order-taking.

  • Process close: Take him to the next steps as if he were going to order (for example, write down specifics of what he needs).

  • Analytical close: Examine the pros and cons of different options or otherwise analyze the prospect’s decision, leading him to a logical purchase option.

  • Sales promotion close: Offer a discount, time-sensitive extra, or other incentive to get him to make the purchase.