The Seven Ps of Marketing - dummies

The Seven Ps of Marketing

Part of Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Knowing and evaluating how your customer interacts with your business is crucial to creating a successful marketing plan, so keep the seven Ps of marketing – the key contact points between your customer and your business – in mind.

  • Product: What aspects of the product (both rational and emotional) have an influence on customer perception and their purchase intentions?

  • Price: What does it cost the customer to use your product, including but not limited to the list price?

  • Place: When and where, in terms of time and space, is your product available to customers?

  • Promotion: How do you communicate with your customers?

  • People: What are the important points of human contact between your customer and your business?

  • Process: What are the processes involved in delivering your products and services to the customer?

  • Physical presence: What are all the physical areas viewed by your customers, from your reception area through to your delivery vehicles and drivers?