How to Use the North Social App for Your Business’s Contests on Facebook - dummies

How to Use the North Social App for Your Business’s Contests on Facebook

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

North Social has a sweepstakes application that you can set up on your own for your Business’s contest. You pay a monthly subscription fee based on how many people like your Page. North Social charges by the day and the fee is $0.99/day for a page up to 1000 Fans and goes up to $7.99/day for unlimited Fans at the highest tier.

After you subscribe, you have access to all the applications that North Social offers, so if you can use multiple applications, North Social is worthwhile to keep. If you’re going to use the sweepstakes application just one time, set up a reminder to cancel your subscription when you’re done with your campaign.

To use North Social, you need two mandatory custom images: the Main image, which describes your sweepstakes, and the Thank You image, which is what people see after entering your sweepstakes. These two images must be 810 × 610 pixels.

You can also have a Landing image, which you can use to have fan-only entry to your sweepstakes. This image lets people know that there’s a sweepstakes and they have to click Like to enter. The Landing image must be 810 × 610 pixels.

Finally, you can display an optional Thumbnail image next to your sweepstakes description if people share the sweepstakes on their Timeline. This image gives your contest better branding and helps you look more professional. The Thumbnail image must be 64 × 64 pixels.

The necessity for custom image files could be a barrier for some people who might consider using this application. If you don’t have the ability to create professional images for your contest within your company, you can consider hiring a designer to create them for you. People who create graphics charge a wide range of prices. You can hire a graphics designer at sites such as and

The benefit of having custom graphics for your sweepstakes is that you have a very professional sweepstakes entry page.


You also need to sign up for an account with North Contact, which is North Social’s list-management and form-creation tool. North Contact forms allow you to collect the names and e-mail addresses associated with the entries into your sweepstakes.

Before you get started setting up the Sweepstakes application, make sure that you apply for a North Contact account. The account is free, but it takes 24–48 hours to get your North Contact login details, so make sure that you allow time for this information to be sent to you.

North Social has a good video tutorial on setting up your campaign and adding the North Contact form to your sweepstakes. You can watch the tutorial for help.