How to Create a Facebook Group Related to Your Business - dummies

How to Create a Facebook Group Related to Your Business

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

A group Page isn’t officially a business-type Page, but can be good for your Facebook marketing campaign. A group Page can supplement a business’s Page, however. You have three options when it comes to creating a group Page:

  • Closed group Pages: This type is the default. The members are public (meaning that they’re visible to the Facebook community), but the content is private. You see the updates to this type of Page in your News Feed, with an icon. When you hover over it, the text says, “Shared with: Members of {group name}.”

  • Open group Pages: The members and content are public. Anything you post inside this group Page will show up on your Wall, as well as on your Friends’ News Feeds.

  • Secret group Pages: The members and content are private. The only ones who can see anything posted on a secret group Page are the members of this group.

Most group Pages look the same but simply have different privacy settings. This particular group decided to use an image at the top of the Page, but you can also have the thumbnail images of the members across the top.


Although a group Page isn’t considered to be an official business Page, it can offer some wonderful benefits to your business when it’s used in conjunction with your business Page. Consider the following business uses for a group Page:

  • You can create a closed group Page for the members of a collaborative project. The members of this type of group are public as a way to create a bit of mystery or buzz about an upcoming event for those who see the group listing in Facebook Search, but discussions between members are private.

  • You can create an open group Page for training. A cool idea is to create an open group Page for coaching or training sessions. On the day and time of the event, everyone could go the group Page and ask questions in the group chat box. If you do this in an open group format, the group could be found in Facebook Group Search, and in the Group Directory.

  • You can create a secret group Page for your staff. With a secret group Page in place, your staff can post updates, links, videos, events, and documents that only those staff members in the group can see. They can have a group chat, and everyone can type text in the chat box at the same time.