Google Advertising Terms - dummies

By Brad Hill

Part of Building Your Business with Google For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you’re trying to build your business through Google, there are a few advertising terms you need to become familiar with so you know what you’re buying and what to expect.

  • Ad format: Any of several display types used by AdSense publishers when syndicating AdWords ads.

  • AdSense channel: A reporting group that isolates the data of certain sites, pages, or ad units.

  • AdSense code: The Javascript code that, when pasted into an HTML document (a web page), delivers AdWords ads to an AdSense publisher’s site.

  • Ad unit: One display box of AdWords ads on an AdSense publisher’s site. Ad units contain one, two, four, or five ads.

  • CPC (cost-per-click): A type of advertising, and a statistic reported to AdWords advertisers. Google AdWords is a CPC system.

  • Call to action: A declarative line of ad text exhorting a viewer to take some action, usually clicking the ad.

  • CTR (clickthrough rate): A percentage measurement of the number of clicks an ad receives divided by the number of times the ad is displayed.

  • Control Center: The administrative screens of an AdWords account.

  • Content network: The network of websites operated by AdSense publishers who agree to display Google advertising for a share of clickthrough revenue.

  • Conversion: A desirable action on a professional website, such as buying a product or signing up for a newsletter.

  • Creative: The text of an AdWords ad.

  • Geo-targeting: The placement of AdWords ads on search pages accessed by people residing only in countries or certain regions of the United States chosen by the advertiser.

  • Impression: An ad display.

  • Landing page: A page designed to receive visitors who have clicked through an AdWords ad. The page is usually optimized to encourage a conversion.

  • PPC (pay-per-click): A type of online advertising. PPC is the same as CPC.