Measuring Success: 10 Metrics for Analyzing a Marketing Campaign

By Dayna Rothman

Marketers track many common metrics when analyzing the success of a campaign. The following metrics are a great start, and if you’re taking baby steps to truly becoming a revenue marketer, make sure you at least have these measurements in place:

  • Marketing percentage of contribution to sales pipeline: The percent of revenue in the sales pipeline (opportunities) that originated from marketing efforts

  • Marketing percentage of contribution to closed revenue: The percentage of revenue in closed, won deals that originated from marketing efforts

  • Quantity of sales-qualified leads (SQLs): The number of SQLs sent to your sales teams

  • Quality of SQLs: The percentage of SQLs not rejected by sales

  • Investment per inquiry: Total lead acquisition investment/the total number of inquiries

  • Cost per lead: Total campaign costs/quantity of leads

  • Inquiry to marketing-qualified lead (MQL): Conversion of initial inquiry to marketing-qualified lead

  • MQL to sales-accepted lead (SAL): Conversion from MQL to sales-accepted lead

  • SAL to sales-qualified lead (SQL): Conversion from SAL to sales-qualified lead

  • SQL to opportunity: Conversion from SQL to opportunity