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Lead Generation through Social Media: Engaging Through LinkedIn

By Dayna Rothman

LinkedIn remains the largest professional network with more than 161 million members in more than 200 countries. LinkedIn is perfect for networking and influencer-building opportunities. What’s more, most LinkedIn users visit the site for pure business purposes — to connect with like-minded professionals, to read industry news, and to connect with their favorite companies.

Building out and optimizing your company LinkedIn page

The first step to optimizing your presence for lead generation is to make sure that your company page is built-out and optimized. The company page tells a user who you are, what you do, and why they should follow you. Keep in mind the following best practices when working to develop your LinkedIn page with lead generation in mind:

  • Make sure your company page is well optimized for keywords. People will be searching by using those terms, and you want to make sure that you show up.

  • Work towards a daily posting sequence to establish brand positioning on LinkedIn.

  • Your company page will have the opportunity to add to and optimize your tabs such as Products and Careers. To do so, simply click the blue Edit button to edit your page and add any copy, images, or videos you want.

  • Add videos to your Products tab to further engage followers. Keep the content professional (of course!) and know what specific takeaway you want the viewer to get from watching the video.

Joining and starting LinkedIn Groups

Engaging in conversations with professionals is what LinkedIn is all about, and LinkedIn Groups do a nice job of facilitating conversations. This is where you and your sales team (who should all be active on LinkedIn) can answer questions, pose questions, and post links to your thought leadership.

It is simple to do a keyword search to find the top industry groups. The results are ranked by group activity, so be sure to join the most active ones. Also, feel free to start your own. If you spend time and give valuable information in your groups, your company will soon be known as a great source of information and will ultimately attract connections. Remember that posting in these groups is important, but engaging is vital. Make sure to add value in your responses to each conversation.

To create a Group, simply go to Interests on the top navigation and click on Groups. Then you can create a Group by clicking the yellow Create a Group button. After you create your Group, you can add information like your logo, Group name, description, and member settings — such as whether you want to approve people before they can join or whether people can automatically join. After you have created your Group, moderate it and answer comments daily.

Also, be sure you are participating in Q&A by doing a search in LinkedIn Answers for relevant topics and then subscribing to the answer feed to further establish your credibility.