Which Kind of Influencer Is Right for Your Customer? - dummies

Which Kind of Influencer Is Right for Your Customer?

By Stephanie Diamond

Part of Content Marketing Strategies For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Are you making the most of potential partnerships with influencers? The distribution of your content by influencers is key to reaching new audiences. Here are different types of influencers you should consider:

Type Description Their role in your promotions
Friends, family, and work colleagues This is your customers’ inner circle and their social graph on
social media platforms.
Your customers trust these people implicitly. Make every effort
to speak to your customers’ audience through their social
Subject experts These people are the thought leaders. They know their stuff and
have a loyal following.
People listen to their recommendations, so try to pick
influencers whose expertise compliments yours. They can build trust
and gain loyalty for you among your customers
Professionals in high positions These people get their power from the position they hold in
People like to follow those who have real power in their
industry, hoping that they will gain status. Choose this type of
influencer if you are looking for customers who want their own
power and influence.
Celebrities You know these folks. Everyone does. They have a high profile
and get lots of media attention. Don’t overlook the Internet
celebrity who is famous for being famous online.
You get referred by celebrities by forming an alliance with
them. People pay attention to those in whom a celebrity shows
interest, so don’t hesitate to work with them if you are in an
industry that values any kind of celebrity, such as fashion.