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How to Determine Your Content Maturity

By Stephanie Diamond

Are you just getting started creating your content or is your company an old hand at it? Knowing where you stand is helpful when you begin creating your content plan. To determine your status, you can use a content maturity model.

Todd Cameron has written an article about Kapost’s “The Content Operation Maturity Model,” shown here. You can use it to assess where your company falls on the content maturity continuum between novice and practitioner.

The Kapost Content Operation Maturity Model.
The Kapost Content Operation Maturity Model.

Here are the status designations:

  • Novice: This group is just getting started. Members may have siloed departments and don’t have an established process to create content.

  • Practitioner: If you fall into this group, you’re starting to create processes and beginning to establish some visibility.

  • Intermediate: This group is starting to establish a strategy and develop workflows.

  • Advanced: If you are in this group, you’re really moving forward. You are revenue focused and developing sound channel plans.

  • Expert: This group has mastered content creation. You are doing everything right. You’re optimizing your content and focusing on leads and revenue.

So where does your company fall on this continuum? Determine where you are now and what you need to do to get to the next level. Then let all the staff know your designation and what people can do as a team to move forward. This is a great way to motivate teams because they can see how collaboration will be rewarded.