How to Assemble a Branding Team - dummies

How to Assemble a Branding Team

By Bill Chiaravalle, Barbara Findlay Schenck

Unless you’re building a personal brand, to paraphrase an old coaching adage, there’s no “I” in the branding team. Everyone in your organization plays an important role because your brand is reinforced or weakened every single time people come in contact with any facet of your organization.

The following tips help you when putting together a cohesive branding team:

  • Start by gaining buy-in from owners and leaders. Without participation and leadership from those in a position to make strategic business decisions, a brand is in danger of a credibility train wreck.

  • Involve and enlist the support of top-level executives. A brand needs to be reinforced through every business decision. For that reason, it needs to have the interest and engagement of those who call the shots to keep the company true to its brand premise and promise.

  • Gain organization-wide brand awareness and commitment. Every single person who has any form of customer contact — whether before, during, or after the purchase — is in a position to strengthen or weaken brand trust and belief in your brand promise. Gain all-important commitment by educating everyone from the CEO to part-time or freelance contractors about your brand strategy, promise, identity, and presentation guidelines.

    Turn them into brand champions and ensure that they know the rules for presenting your brand by managing your logo and staying true to your brand promise.

As you set out to create or revamp your brand, include representatives from all areas of your organization. Then, at key milestones along the way, involve your entire team in updates and to share the rewards of a brand well built. Commit the time and effort it takes to put everyone on the same branding page — because what they don’t know can hurt you.