What Is Account-Based Marketing? - dummies

By Sangram Vajre

The essential definition of account-based marketing is focused business-to-business (B2B) marketing. The term account-based marketing isn’t new. Identifying and targeting key accounts has always been a best practice for B2B marketing and sales teams. What’s different today about account-based marketing is that improved technology gives marketing teams the tools for account-based marketing at scale.

Scale means the ability to reach the right contacts instead of either blasting emails to the thousands of people in your database or manually reaching out to each individual prospect.

Account-based marketing is about identifying your best-fit prospects, then focusing all your efforts on engaging these prospects on their own terms. For B2B marketing, this is essential, as it’s the most efficient way to use your time, energy, and resources. You target businesses that are most likely to buy from your company. This is very different from old-fashioned B2B marketing.