Values-Based Leadership within Four Quadrants of Business - dummies

Values-Based Leadership within Four Quadrants of Business

By Maria Gamb

Part of Values-Based Leadership For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Values-based leadership really is a business proposition. It’s the animation of what you believe is important and it leads to profitability. The following lists describe how values-based leadership relates to the four quadrants of business.

How the company does business is done in a healthy environment built on mutual respect:

  • Establishing the rules of engagement (a values statement)
  • Building an authentic company culture
  • Creating a healthy workplace
  • Developing relationships with vendors and resources

How the company serves and impacts the community is a representation of cooperation:

  • Engaging in philanthropic corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Engaging in economic corporate social responsibility
  • Reminding employees that what they do matters to improve the customer’s life
  • Supporting stakeholders’ families with fair wages

How the company invests in others illustrates both nurturing and sustainability:

  • Recruiting and retaining the best talent
  • Establishing a culture of learning
  • Creating values partnerships with vendors and resources
  • Building human resource programs and initiatives

How the company becomes sustainable in business creation depends on elements and outcomes of the prior three areas:

  • Solving problems creatively
  • Reinventing processes and business models
  • Addressing global human needs
  • Circling back around to investment, serving, and how we do business