Raising the Profile of Health and Safety - dummies


Part of Health & Safety at Work For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Safety won’t happen if you, the manager, don’t give it your full support and show visible commitment – in short, you need to ‘walk the talk’ by following through on the promises you make in your statement of general (health and safety) policy. Tactics you can use to impress upon your employees the importance of health and safety in your organisation include:

  • Emphasising the importance of health and safety in the statement of general policy

  • Adding health and safety responsibilities to managers’ job descriptions

  • Considering health and safety in all business decisions

  • Including health and safety on Board meeting agendas

  • Providing resources for safety initiatives without hesitation

  • Holding senior managers accountable for health and safety performance through the appraisal process

  • Reporting to the Board on health and safety performance

  • Giving health and safety equal status to other information (like financial information) in the business’s annual report