Problem-Solving Steps Using TRIZ Tools - dummies

Problem-Solving Steps Using TRIZ Tools

By Lilly Haines-Gadd

Part of TRIZ For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Triz can be very helpful when you encounter problems. Whenever you face a challenge, remember to step through the problem following a logical process and use the following TRIZ tools.

Problem-Solving Stage Most Useful TRIZ Tools
Understand and scope the problem 9 Boxes context map, hazards or causes of problems maps
Ideality Audit
Uncover all needs and scope the solution Ideal Outcome
Ideal System
9 Boxes
Define the problem Function Analysis
Technical Contradiction Matrix
Separation Principles for solving Physical Contradictions
Smart Little People
Generate solutions to the problem Standard Solutions
40 Principles
Trends of Technical Evolution
Effects Database
Smart Little People and Size Time Cost
Resources and X-Factor
9 Boxes
Rank solutions and implement Ideality Plot