Making a Case for Safety Initiatives at Work - dummies

Making a Case for Safety Initiatives at Work


Part of Health & Safety at Work For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Safety tends to cost money. As with every other activity in a business, you may need to justify why you need the money for a safety initiative and, crucially, what value it brings to the business. You can use three basic types of argument to persuade managers (or yourself) to commit to a particular safety issue:

  • The financial argument: The losses associated with the identified risk outweigh the costs of preventative action, so you have a sound business case.

  • The moral argument: Civilised employers don’t cause avoidable harm, and therefore risk management is good management.

  • The legal argument: Health and safety standards are embedded in criminal and civil law, and managers have no choice but to comply with the legal framework in their day-to-day operations.