Important Principles of Values-Based Leadership - dummies

Important Principles of Values-Based Leadership

By Maria Gamb

Part of Values-Based Leadership For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The following principles are the foundation of building a strong, healthy organization that engages in values-based leadership:

  • Sets direction
    • Creates a values statement to serve as a guiding force for all
    • Provides meaning and purpose to the company and its stakeholders
    • Reflects the company’s values in everything it does, everywhere it operates
  • Creates proactive company culture
    • Increases value in the lives of stakeholders and the community
    • Utilizes its influence responsibly to achieve goals
    • Creates an environment of mutual respect
  • Betters individuals
    • Invests in the education and development of stakeholders
    • Empowers others by developing other leaders
    • Commits to correct job fits to foster job satisfaction and improve effectiveness
  • Expands business opportunities
    • Inspires collaboration and innovation by creating a shared value community