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How to Spot Addictions in Company Culture

By Dawna Jones

Companies, like people, have addictions that make it hard to see alternative and better ways of doing things. As a result, decision-makers and company cultures repeat the same old responses, even when those responses don’t yield the results that were hoped for. Here are some addictions to watch out for in your company:

  • Addiction to perfection: Perfection doesn’t allow any mistake, any exposure to risk, or any kind of vulnerability. Ironically, the fear of making a mistake actually creates a situation in which the a company and its decision-makers are even more exposed and vulnerable to risk.

  • Addiction to certainty and predictability: Companies that need certainty and predictability exhibit little or no tolerance for surprises and unexpected events. They repress the exact insights that would propel them into higher performance. To maintain such predictability, companies go to extreme levels to control information, issues, and people — a situation that heightens the risk of employee creativity and the workplace culture imploding due to lack of trust.

    To convert the addiction to certainty into a healthier strategy for running your business, you need a complete shift in mindset. The ship (company) has to push away from the shore so that its passengers (employees) can make new discoveries. Radically innovative learning experiences can crack the pattern open enough to offer a vision and build confidence in taking a different tack.