Exploring the Benefits of Mindful Leadership - dummies

Exploring the Benefits of Mindful Leadership

By Juliet Adams

Part of Mindful Leadership For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Research illustrates that mindfulness can improve health and resilience, attention and concentration, self-awareness and management, and productivity. This diagram illustrates further the four key ways that mindfulness can help you to improve your leadership.

CS_02_Mindful Leadership
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  • Mindful leaders are self-aware. Awareness of your thoughts, emotions and impulses enables you to gain perspective by breaking out of autopilot and habitual behaviours.
  • Mindful leaders are in tune with themselves, the environment and culture they work within and the people who work there.
  • Mindful leaders cultivate focus, clarity, creativity and optimism.
  • Mindful leaders build trust and support from their followers by balancing the needs of the organisation with the needs and aspirations of people.