Exploring the Benefits of Mindful Leadership

By Juliet Adams

Part of Mindful Leadership For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Research illustrates that mindfulness can improve health and resilience, attention and concentration, self-awareness and management, and productivity. This diagram illustrates further the four key ways that mindfulness can help you to improve your leadership.

CS_02_Mindful Leadership
© Juliet Adams
  • Mindful leaders are self-aware. Awareness of your thoughts, emotions and impulses enables you to gain perspective by breaking out of autopilot and habitual behaviours.
  • Mindful leaders are in tune with themselves, the environment and culture they work within and the people who work there.
  • Mindful leaders cultivate focus, clarity, creativity and optimism.
  • Mindful leaders build trust and support from their followers by balancing the needs of the organisation with the needs and aspirations of people.