Eight Efficiency-Enhancing Tools - dummies

Eight Efficiency-Enhancing Tools

By Marina Martin

Part of Business Efficiency For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Knowing which tools to use and how will get you quickly on your way to identifying inefficiencies and ridding your business of them forever. Here are eight invaluable tools for any business owner of efficiency expert.

  1. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for tracking all customer interactions.

  2. A wiki for clear and updated internal communication.

  3. A calendaring system with transparent free/busy time that lets colleagues book appointments on one another’s calendars, circumventing the need to share suggested times back and forth.

  4. A text-expansion tool that can speed up routine tasks by pasting common sales pitches or loading a favorite website with just a few keystrokes. (See ActiveWords for Windows or TextExpander for Macs.)

  5. A central file repository for sharing the latest company memos, scripts, and graphics.

  6. A public knowledgebase to let customers and potential customers help themselves.

  7. A case ticketing system to keep track of product/service issues and feature requests.

  8. Group email lists to ensure key project players are never left off messages, and peripheral players can limit their exposure to daily or weekly digests.