Communicating with People Impacted by Business Change - dummies

Communicating with People Impacted by Business Change

By Christina Tangora Schlachter, Terry H. Hildebrandt, MA, MA, PCC

Part of Leading Business Change For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Successful change requires creating and maintaining continuous, honest, succinct messages. There is no way around it. Here are the three crucial aspects of successful two-way communication:

  • Develop a clear communication plan: A practical communication plan will make sure that stakeholders are informed about the goals and processes for the change. Communication, depending on how well you do it, can become the biggest barrier to change or your best friend.

  • Know your stakeholders: In your communication plan, know your stakeholders and address their needs. Segment, understand, and prioritize the needs and motives of the stakeholders. Involvement builds commitment and significantly increases the likelihood of a successful transformation. Stakeholders — for they are your customers in this endeavor — can be a powerful force in driving the change.

  • Involve the people affected by the change: Involvement in powerful, results-driven change often becomes a badge of honor for employees. Ways in which you can involve employees include having them help create new roles and responsibilities, be change agents themselves, and take on leadership roles in skill building.