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The Bumper Generations in Today’s Workforce

By Maria Gamb

The bumper generations are those that are either on the cusp of leaving the workplace or preparing to enter the workforce. Both are worth taking a look at because they add something to the mix.

Recognizing the Silent generation

Although some in the Silent generation (born 1925–1942) may still be working, the percentage is very small. They are mentioned here because of their influence as a generation of hard workers with respect for authority, government, and conformity. They raised the Baby Boomers and GenXers. They’re grandparents to Millennials and some Homelanders. The Silent generation grew up during the Great Depression and World War II. Patriotism is a hallmark of this cohort. Their influence continues.

Anticipating the Homelanders

This cohort has been cast and recast several times. First called Generation Edge or Generation Z, being born 1996–2010, the term Homeland is becoming the established moniker for those born in 2005 and later, having been coined not long after 9/11. They will begin entering their formative (teen) years starting in 2018, developing into adulthood around the age of 21. During that time, influencers will help them form their perceptions, values, and virtues. They’re so young that we know little about them at this point.

Homelanders will be part of your workforce beginning in 2023 when they start to turn 18. Some may join even earlier. Anticipating their arrival as the Silent generation leaves the workforce is important.

The Homeland generation was raised by GenXers who experienced the last years of prosperity as we knew it, prior to the global financial meltdown. In that light, GenXers may be less willing to allow these children to take big risks. They are growing up in a culture that emphasizes homeland security and surveillance. Those in this generation will spend more time at home as digital advancements continue to allow them to do so. They’re more isolated and may need help with socialization in the workplace.

Here’s a snapshot of the events and people who are influencing Homelanders (in many cases, we don’t know enough about this generation yet to fill in most of the list):

  • Current events shaping their world: North Korea nuclear threat, the Donald Trump administration, climate change, and prolonged war in the Middle East.
  • Famous figures: The Kardashians, Prince Harry.
  • Emerging technology: AI advancements, TBA.
  • What they learned to value: TBA.
  • Prevailing attributes: TBA.
  • Work motto: TBA.

What you do know is that the jobs they will have in their lifetime have not yet been created. Technology continues to evolve and expand rapidly. So, stay tuned! It will be fascinating to watch this generation unfold.