How to Import a Contacts List from Your Email System into LinkedIn - dummies

How to Import a Contacts List from Your Email System into LinkedIn

By Consumer Dummies

Sometimes, it is much easier to import contacts than to start from scratch. You can use the LinkedIn function to import your email contacts into LinkedIn. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Click the My Network icon on the top navigation bar to display your network page.
  2. Click the More options link below the Your Contact Import Is Ready section on the left side of the screen.

    The Sync Contacts screen appears. Your email address on file is already entered in the email address text box in the middle of the screen.

    sync email LinkedIn
    Sync your email contacts with LinkedIn.

    Below your email address is a row of buttons representing Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, and AOL, an email message icon (for inputting a list of email addresses manually), and an upload icon (for uploading a file of email addresses).

  3. Click Continue to use the prefilled address, replace the email address by typing a new email address and then click Continue, or click one of the buttons to select an email system from which to import your contacts.

    The Sign In window appears for your email account.

    synce email LinkedIn
    Select the email address account to sync.
  4. Follow the prompts to connect your email account with LinkedIn.
    At the end of the prompts, you’ll be asked to allow LinkedIn to access your email contacts.
    LinkedIn permission email
    Let LinkedIn access your email account.
  5. Click the Allow button.

    LinkedIn spends some time accessing the account and checking to see whether any of your contacts are already on LinkedIn. Then the screen appears, with a list of people from your email account who have LinkedIn accounts but are not currently connected to you.

    LinkedIn contacts
    Choose which LinkedIn contacts from your email whom you want to invite to your network.
  6. Choose whom you want to invite to be your LinkedIn connections:
    • Add Connections: Add everyone as a connection. Each of them will receive an automated invitation to connect with you. Because you can’t tailor the messages to these people, this option isn’t recommended. You must go to each person’s profile page, and click Connect to send a customized invitation.
    • Deselect All: Deselect every check box. You can then go through the list and selectively select the connections you want to add today. You can’t add customized invitation text to these connection requests. Connect from each person’s profile page to customize the invitation text.
    • Skip: Skip this screen and move on with the process.

      A new screen appears with the names of people imported from your email account who don’t have a LinkedIn account.

      LinkedIm invitations
      Choose which email contacts you want to invite to use LinkedIn and join your network.
  7. Decide whom you want to invite to LinkedIn and add as a first-degree connection.

    You see slightly different buttons than in Step 6. Click Add to network to add everyone, click Deselect All and manually choose people you want to invite to LinkedIn and add as a connection, or click the Skip button to move to the next step.

    If you decide to skip Step 6 or 7, you’ll be able to review LinkedIn’s imported list of people at a later date by clicking the email system button, as you did in Step 3.

  8. To sync additional email accounts with LinkedIn, repeat Steps 2 to 7.

    In this way, you can look for new contacts whom you can invite to your network. LinkedIn should be able to interface with any email account that can be accessed over the Internet from your computer. Some work email systems may be inaccessible depending on security levels set by your employer.