How to Remember Names in a Business Situation - dummies

How to Remember Names in a Business Situation

By Sue Fox

Remembering names and titles in a business situation makes a lasting impression. If you can master remembering the names of people your business deals with, you can present yourself with confidence and authority — and outclass the competition. Remembering names is a skill, and one that you can acquire:

  1. Repeat the person’s name a few times to yourself after you’re introduced.

    Remember memorizing facts for a test back in school? It’s like that — repetition is key!

  2. Use the person’s name immediately in the conversation after an introduction.

    Saying the name out loud can help make it stick in your memory.

  3. Immediately introduce that new person to someone else you know.

    If you don’t have an opportunity to speak up immediately, you may want to try finding a word association with the person’s name, such as “Bob — B — Brown shoes.”

  4. Jot down the person’s name, if you happen to have a pad and pencil.

    Avoid glancing at the pad every time you address that person, though.

  5. Listen, listen, listen.

    Good listening skills and concentration are the real keys to recalling a name. If you heard the name but didn’t understand it, simply ask the person to repeat the name. You also can ask for a business card.

If — the horror! — you forget someone’s name, don’t make a scene. It’s a big deal only if you make it a big deal. Simply admit your mistake and move on. We all have problems remembering people’s names now and again, and you can be forgiven for occasion flub-ups.