The Session Checklist - dummies

By Marie Taylor, Steve Crabb

Part of Business Coaching and Mentoring For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Just like everything else in life, business coaching and mentoring sessions have a beginning, middle and end. Use this list as a quick check to help you and your clients get the most from your coaching and mentoring sessions.

  • Before the session

    • Review previous notes

    • Prepare personal notes to keep on track

    • Get grounded by focusing on the session ahead and clearing your mind

  • At the close of a session

    • Notice key issues and models used in the session

    • Check which models have worked and the client’s sense of what worked in the session

  • After the session

    • Make note of action points to be completed before the next session and any issues to bring forward to the next session

    • Complete your coaching/mentoring log