Characteristics of Effective Visuals When Training Your Employees

By Elaine Biech

Part of Training and Development For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you really want your training to take hold and be retained, you need to have effective visuals. Visuals must enhance — not detract from — your training delivery. Be sure that you follow the VISUAL laws.

  • Visible: Words on visuals are large enough, and you don’t block the view.

  • Interesting: Oriented to the learner, visuals make use of pictures, graphs, color, and bullets.

  • Simple: Information is concise, and key concepts are highlighted.

  • Useful: Visuals help the trainer and the learner stay on track.

  • Accurate: Information on the visuals matches the participants’ materials.

  • Long-lasting: Visuals facilitate retention and help the learner transfer and apply concepts.