Diplomatic Immunity: Identifying Your Engagement Ambassadors - dummies

Diplomatic Immunity: Identifying Your Engagement Ambassadors

By Bob Kelleher

Part of Employee Engagement For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You’ve probably heard the term brand ambassador. A brand ambassador is someone who embodies a brand and serves to promote it. Similarly, an engagement ambassador embodies engagement and serves to promote it.

Hopefully, your organization is brimming with people who might serve as brand ambassadors. These are people who are visibly engaged and committed to your organization. Identifying these individuals at the outset of any attempts to boost employee engagement is often worthwhile. After all, they’re your allies!

How do you identify potential engagement ambassadors? Just look around. These employees are the ones who refer recruits to your firm. They volunteer to join your various task teams. They take part in company social events. Odds are, your managers know who these people are — ask your managers to identify them!

As invested individuals, these people already have an interest in seeing your organization succeed. Perhaps more important, they’d likely be even happier at work if everyone were as committed as they are. If they’re excellent communicators, so much the better! Seek out ways to help them share your engagement message, regardless of where they fall in the corporate hierarchy.

A successful engagement strategy can turn skeptics into supporters. Having one’s expectations surpassed is a powerful conversion experience. Don’t ignore the unconvinced in your audience. Let the clarity and consistency of your message overwhelm their doubts. The result: an even larger army of engagement ambassadors to deploy!