Strategic Planning: Imagine Your Future — Vividly - dummies

Strategic Planning: Imagine Your Future — Vividly

By Erica Olsen

The vivid description in your strategic vision needs to be just that — vivid. Include a list of ideas, phrases, adjectives, and so forth that thoroughly explain what achieving the vision statement is like. Try to imagine your organization when you reach your vision. Your vivid description explains what it feels like.

Your description should be vibrant and engaging and should translate the vision from words into pictures that people can carry in their heads. Here are some helpful questions to develop a vivid description of your vision:

  • What does our company look like? How many employees do we have? Where are we located? How many offices are at this location? What is the office environment like?

  • Who is on the staff? What are their skills, degrees, and areas of expertise? How does everyone work together? What is the culture like?

  • Who are our clients? How many customers do we have?

  • What type of projects are we working on? How many products or services are we selling?

  • What is our industry, business community, or media saying about our company? What are the headlines? What publications or TV stations are we featured on? What awards have we won?