How to Utilize Sage Timeslips Categories - dummies

How to Utilize Sage Timeslips Categories

By Elaine Marmel

You can use activity categories to group charges on a Sage Timeslips bill. For example, suppose you’ve set up individual tasks for Design Development, Measured Drawings, and Schematic Design and you’ve created several slips using each task. You could create a category called Design and use it to group all slips using each of the tasks on the client’s bill.

Or suppose you use replacement slips. You could use categories to set up replacement slips for groups of tasks or expenses.

When you select the interim or progress billing by activity billing arrangement, categories you establish appear when you view WIP (work in progress) and determine new time charges.

If you set your bill layout to summarize charges by time or expense slips, Timeslips groups charges associated with categories and prints them by category on the bill.

You can sort and filter information by category on many reports. The Category Listing report, on the System tab of the Report List window, prints the names of all categories defined in your database.

To set up the categories you want to use, choose Setup→Categories to display the Categories dialog box. Click the New button, type a name for the category, and click OK.


To use the category, choose Names→Task Info or Names→Expense Info to display the Task Information window or the Expense Information window, respectively. Then double-click a task or expense and, on the General tab of the window, select a category for the task or expense using the Category field, which appears just below the Name field.