How to Use the Slip Timer in Sage Timeslips - dummies

How to Use the Slip Timer in Sage Timeslips

By Elaine Marmel

You can use the timer available in Sage Timeslips’ Slip Entry window to track time as you work. You can start a new slip and immediately turn on the timer, even before you fill in the timekeeper, client, and task.

This feature is helpful if you need to take a call from a client; when you finish the call, you turn off the timer and then fill in the details of the slip.

If you’re about to work on a task for a client, you can fill in the details of the slip, start the timer, do the work, and then stop the timer.

To start and stop the timer in the Slip Entry window, click the timer switch or press F5 on the keyboard. As the timer runs, the value of the slip in the upper-right corner of the window increases.


Some tips:

  • By default, if you start a new slip and turn on its timer, Timeslips automatically turns off any timers running on other slips.

    Typically, you want this behavior, but you can change it if you have a reason to allow one timekeeper to run multiple timers simultaneously. Choose Setup→Preferences and then select Options in the Slip section on the left. Change the Permit Multiple Timers Simultaneously Running on This Station option to Yes and click OK.

  • You can save and close the Slip Entry window while a timer continues to run. Later, if you can’t remember which slip had a timer running, press Ctrl+F5 or choose Slips→Stop my Timers to stop all timers for the currently logged in user. To stop all timers in the Timeslips database, press Alt+F5 or choose Slips→Stop All Timers.