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How to Update Rates in Sage Timeslips

By Elaine Marmel

In Sage Timeslips, you assign billing rates to timekeepers, clients, tasks, and expenses, and you use billing rates when you create slips. In addition, you typically set up rate selection rules for each client. Timeslips uses these rules to automatically assign rates to time slips based on the names selected.

If you change a billing rate or rate selection rule, you can use the Update Rates Wizard to update rates on selected slips and avoid editing each slip manually. For example, many companies increase rates at the beginning of each new year and want to apply new rates to unbilled slips.

You select the slips by setting a date that Timeslips compares to the slip’s date; Timeslips updates slips with dates later than the date you select. Alternatively, you can select slips using selection filters.

If you change a rate selection rule or a rate for a timekeeper, client, or task that is assigned to a slip, Sage Timeslips will open the Update Rates Wizard automatically.

To use the Update Rates Wizard, follow these steps:

  1. Back up your database.

    By backing up, you can restore the backup in case you make a mistake.

  2. Change the rate of a timekeeper, client, or task, or change the Rate Selection Rule for a client on the Rates tab of Client Information and click the Save (disc) button on the vertical toolbar.

    Timeslips starts the Update Rates Wizard. For this example, change a timekeeper rate.

  3. Click Next on the first screen of the wizard.

    Timeslips displays the rates currently assigned to the timekeeper, client, or task and selects the one(s) that you changed that are also assigned to existing slips.

    If you change or assign a rate that isn’t used on an existing slip, Timeslips doesn’t select that rate.


  4. Confirm the rate(s) you want to change and click Next.

    Note: If you change a rate selection rule, Timeslips skips Step 4.

  5. Select the earliest date for the slips you want to update or click Filters and set a filter to select slips to update.


  6. Click Next.

    Timeslips displays a summary of the changes you want the Update Rates Wizard to make.

  7. Click Finish to make the changes.

    Timeslips displays the number of slips it changed and the number of slips it skipped