How to Turn on Sage Timeslips Security - dummies

How to Turn on Sage Timeslips Security

By Elaine Marmel

You turn on the Sage Timeslips Security feature when you set up global security options and establish a supervisor password. Follow these eight easy steps:

  1. Choose Setup→Security→Global.

    Timeslips displays the Global Security dialog box.


  2. Supply the password that the administrator of Timeslips security should use.

    Nobody but the security administrator and the company’s owner should know this password. It is not case-sensitive; Timeslips stores the password in all uppercase letters, even if you type it using uppercase and lowercase letters.

  3. Select the Require Login and Activate Security check box and the Password Required to Log In check box.

    If you want to allow someone without a password to log into your database, you can create a timekeeper named Guest, set up a profile for it, and then permit it to log in by selecting it in the Guests Log in Without a Password Using drop-down list.

    Be aware that third-party programs that connect to Timeslips are subject to security, and some might try to use the Guest login, so set up the guest’s profile carefully.

  4. If your company uses the Slip Approval feature, select the Enable Slip Approval check box.

  5. Click OK to save the settings.

    Timeslips displays a message telling you to write down the password you assigned and keep it in a safe place.

  6. Click OK.

    Another message appears, prompting you to log in.

  7. Click Yes, and Timeslips displays the Database Login dialog box.

    This dialog box appears each time any user opens the database.


  8. For now, select Supervisor, type the supervisor password in the Password text box, and click OK.

After you finish setting up security, timekeepers will select their own names from the list and type their own passwords.