How to Search in the Sage Timeslips’ Time and Expense Slip List Window

By Elaine Marmel

Over time (sorry for the pun), you enter lots and lots of slips into Sage Timeslips. When you need to make changes to a slip, finding the right one would be a daunting task without the Time and Expense Slip List window.

The Time and Expense Slip List window lists all slips in your database. You can use this window to find and open a particular slip. Begin by choosing Slips→Time and Expense Slips.


At the top of the window, you can narrow your selection by using the View By list, the Show Only the Last X Slips Entered check box, and the Selection button. For example, suppose that you know both the client and the timekeeper for a particular slip.

You can select Client from the View By list and then click the Selection button to filter the list to display a timekeeper you choose. When you make a change to the appearance of the window using any of these settings, you must click the Update button that appears in the window to apply your choices.

You can narrow the slips that appear in the list also by using the Time and Expense tabs. As you’d expect, the Time tab displays only time slips and the Expense tab displays only expense slips. (To view both types of slips, select the Both tab.)

The grid in the middle of the window shows two lines for each slip, and the column headings at the top of the list help you identify the information in each slip. You can click any column heading to sort the list of slips by that column heading.

Two unlabeled columns appear between the Activity column (remember, activity equals task) and the Time column. These blank columns display small graphics that indicate, for example, whether a slip has appeared on a client’s bill.

When you click a slip, its description appears in the box at the bottom of the slip. You can make changes to the description and then click the Save (disc) button in the Description box to save your changes.

The lower-right corner of the window shows you total hours and charges for the slips that appear in the Time and Expense Slip List window.

You can open any slip in by double-clicking it or by selecting it and clicking the Open (open folder) button on the right-side toolbar. You can delete slips from the Time and Expense Slip List window by clicking the Delete (X) button on the toolbar.

Click the List Appearance Options button — the last button on the vertical toolbar — to display the List Appearance Options dialog box. You use this dialog box to control the appearance of the Time and Expense Slip List window.


Using the tabs in this dialog box, you can control the fields that appear on the Time and Expense Slip List window manually by selecting a field from the Available Fields list and adding it to the First Row box or the Section Row (Optional) box by using the buttons that appear between the lists.

Or you can use one of the Timeslips predefined themes to change the appearance of the Time and Expense Slip List. For example, the Expense Slips field theme lists a single line for time and expense slips displayed in the Time and Expense Slip List window. Open the Field Themes list box and select an option. Click Apply and then click OK.

On the Colors and Appearance tab, you can control the colors used in the window.

On the Hide and Show Areas tab, you can control whether the following options appear in the window:

  • Show Only the Last X Slips Entered check box

  • Slip description

  • Totals information

You also can control the location of the window’s toolbar and, if you display Totals information, whether total hours appear in decimal or hour:minute:second format.