How to Insert a Graphic in Sage Timeslips - dummies

How to Insert a Graphic in Sage Timeslips

By Elaine Marmel

You can insert .JPG graphic images stored on your computer into Sage Timeslips. You might, for example, insert in the bill layout the graphic image your company uses as its logo. Graphic images are particularly effect in bills you send via e-mail. Follow these steps to insert a graphic image:

  1. Select the bill layout section where you want to insert the graphic image.

    For this example, the Bill Header — First page section was selected.

  2. Choose Tools→Insert→Graphic.

    Timeslips displays the my Pictures folder of the Open dialog box.

  3. Navigate to the graphic image you want to insert in your bill layout, click it, and then click the Open button.

    Timeslips inserts the graphic into the upper-left corner of the selected section.

You can move the graphic to a different location in the section by dragging it.

You also might want to add a line that separates the Bill Header — First Page section from the portion of the bill where charges appear. You use the Line tools to add a line.

If you plan to draw a line that spans the bill horizontally, make certain that you can see both of the vertical blue dashed lines that represent the bill layout margins.

Next, click the Line tool on the toolbar and position the mouse pointer — a large plus sign — where you want the line to appear. Drag to draw the line. When you release the mouse button, Timeslips displays the line and selects it.

To adjust the line’s weight, click the Line Styles tool to display the Line Style: Graphic dialog box and select a line weight and color; then click OK. You see a preview of the bill containing a graphic logo and a line dividing the address information from the bill’s charges.