How to Import and Export Information between Sage Timeslips Clients - dummies

How to Import and Export Information between Sage Timeslips Clients

By Elaine Marmel

Much of the information you establish for one Sage Timeslips client applies to other clients. Instead of making individual settings on each client, make the settings for one client and then export them to other clients. Or go in the opposite direction and import information from one client to another.

The process is similar, regardless of the direction in which you send the information. The only difference lies in the client you open before exporting or importing:

  • To import information, open the client who should receive the information.

  • To export information, open the client for whom you’ve already set up the information.

You can’t undo exporting and importing, so it’s wise to create a backup of your Timeslips database before you start.

Let’s assume that you set up three clients to represent three matters for the ABC Company: ABC-1, ABC-2, and ABC-3. Let’s further assume that you set up the name and address information for the ABC Company only in the first matter (ABC-1). You can export that information to ABC-2 and ABC-3 by following these steps:

  1. Choose Names→Client Info.

    The Client List window appears.

  2. Double-click the client in which you stored the information you want to export.

    For this example, ABC-1 was opened.


  3. On the vertical toolbar on the right, click the Export button.

    The Export Client Information window appears. The left side contains all the fields available on all tabs of the Client Information window; by default, Timeslips highlights and selects the fields on the tab you were viewing when you opened this window. The right side of the window lists all clients you’ve created.


  4. Verify that Timeslips selected the fields that you want to export on the left side of the window.

    If Timeslips selected more fields than you want, deselect those fields. Similarly, if Timeslips missed some fields you want, select them.

  5. Select the clients to whom you want to export the selected information.

    In this example, ABC-2 and ABC-3 was selected.

  6. Click the Export button.

    Timeslips reminds you to back up before exporting.

  7. Click Yes to continue the export process.

    Timeslips exports the selected information to the designated clients and notifies you that the export was successful.

You can open any of the clients to whom you exported the information to verify that the result is what you expected.

Importing works the same as exporting, except you work with only two clients simultaneously (remember, in Step 5, in this example the information was exported from one client to two other clients, but you could have exported to more clients).

When you import information, you open the client who is missing information and display the tab where you want information to appear.

Then you click the Import button on the Client Information window toolbar to display the Import Client Information window, which is set up in the reverse order of the Export Client Information window; that is, the list of available clients appears on the left and the highlighted and selected fields appear on the right.

In the Import From list on the left side of the window, you click one client who contains the information you want to import. Verify the fields that Timeslips has selected to import and (assuming that the correct fields were selected) click the Import button. And that’s it — you’re done.