How to Generate and Approve Bills in Sage Timeslips - dummies

How to Generate and Approve Bills in Sage Timeslips

By Elaine Marmel

After editing in Sage Timeslips, you’re ready to produce bills to send to your clients. Of course, you’ll want to review the bills before you send them out, so it’s time to print the bills to paper and review them.

You can print your bills to .PDF files. During the review and editing process, this approach might not be practical, but when you’ve fixed all mistakes, you might want to print the final bills to .PDF files.

Before you print bills, you might want to consider the following issues:

  • If you want to use timekeeper titles to organize and summarize information on bills, use the Employee Titles page of the General Settings dialog box to establish the job titles you use in your company. (Choose Setup→General and then click Employee Titles on the left side of the dialog box.) Then, in the Timekeeper Information window, select each timekeeper’s title from the Title list.

  • Set up any messages you want to include on client bills.

  • Establish your bill’s appearance by designing or modifying the bill layout.

  • Timeslips supports several add-on packages you can use to prepare bills for the electronic delivery typically required by insurance companies. You need to set up client information in Timeslips according to the requirements of your add-on before you prepare bills.

  • If you intend to e-mail bills, make sure you’ve set up your clients properly.

  • If you want to be able to select paper bill clients separately from your e-mail bill clients, you can set up a custom field that you can use as a filter to select clients as you prepare bills.

    Call it something like Billing Method and make it a list-type custom field with three choices: Postal Service, E-mail, and Other (for the bills that go one way sometimes and the other way at other times or for clients you don’t bill regularly).

When you print bills to paper (or any location other than your screen), Timeslips offers you the option of placing the bills in the proof stage so that you can review them, placing them in the revision stage so that you can edit them, approving some or all bills that printed, or doing nothing. The stage you choose depends on where you are in the process of producing the bills.

Timeslips refers to the process of producing bills as generating bills. You can generate bills in three ways, by using

  • The Generate Bills command

  • Billing Assistant

  • Firm Assistant

If you want to generate a bill from the one on-screen, you click the Print To list button and select a printer or file. Then follow the process described on how to use the Generate Bills command to produce bills for a batch of clients and approve the bills so that you can safely send them to your clients.