How to Create Sage Timeslips Time Sheet Slip Templates

By Elaine Marmel

With Sage Timeslips, you can set up slip entry templates separately, or you can create them as you work. To create slip entry templates that you know you’ll need, choose Slips→Time Sheet→Slip Templates. The Time Sheet Slip Template List window appears with a list of templates you’ve created.


You can double-click an existing template to open and edit. Or you can create a template by clicking the New (plus sign) button on the right side of the window. In either case, the Time Sheet Slip Template Entry window appears.


To set up the template:

  1. Assign a name to the template that you’ll recognize when you work in the Time Sheet Slip Entry window.

  2. Select a timekeeper or, if you want the template available to every timekeeper in the database, set the timekeeper to All.

  3. Select a client and task and, if you use references, a reference.

  4. (Optional) Fill in a description, which will appear on each slip you create using this template.

  5. (Optional) Establish default rates and billing status information.

Save the template by using the vertical toolbar on the right. When you open the Time Sheet Slip Entry window, your template name will appear in the list on the left.

Templates appear in the left column of the Time Sheet Slip Entry window as long as the template is assigned to the timekeeper displayed at top of the window and the template’s Active option is selected.

As you work, you might find that you need to track time for a template you haven’t created. No problem; create a slip entry template as you work. Click the text Click to Select Names, and you’ll see the small window; use it to select a client, a task, and optionally, a reference. Then click the Save (disc) button at the right edge of the window.


Timeslips assumes that the timekeeper is the one who appears at the top of the Time Sheet Slip Entry window. To create a template specific to a different timekeeper, select that timekeeper before you click the text Click to Select Names.

If you prefer to fill in all the details of a template immediately, click anywhere on the weekly grid in the template’s row. Then click the Open (folder) button on the toolbar that appears above the list of templates to open the Time Sheet Slip Template Entry window.