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How to Change Fonts for a Bill Layout in Sage Timeslips

By Elaine Marmel

Although you can establish fonts for individual sections in Sage Timeslips, it is recommended that you use one font for all information on your bill, with the possible exception of your company’s name and address.

Why? Because using multiple fonts is distracting and draws your reader’s attention away from the content of the bill. The purpose of sending a bill is to get paid, so you don’t want to distract the reader from the bill’s content.

You can simultaneously change the font used in all sections of a bill layout using the Global Bill Layout Options dialog box. Globally changing the font used in a bill layout affects most but not all bill layout fields. After changing the font globally, you can make other font changes as needed.

Follow these steps:

  1. Choose Layout→Layout Options.

    Timeslips displays the Global Bill Layout Options dialog box.

  2. Click the Font Styles tab.

    You see the bill layout screen.


  3. Click the Other Font Defaults button.

  4. In the Layout Font Defaults dialog box, click the Edit button.


  5. In the Font: Default dialog box that appears, select a new font and font size and click OK.

    Timeslips redisplays the Layout Font Defaults dialog box.

  6. Click the Change All Font Styles to the Default Font button.

    A message warns you that changing the font and font size could affect positioning on your layout and asks if you want to proceed.

  7. Click Yes.

  8. Click OK to redisplay the Global Bill Layout Options dialog box.

  9. Click OK to redisplay the Design tab.

  10. Click the Preview tab to make sure that your changes didn’t negatively affect your bill layout.

As you can see, these steps don’t quite change the font everywhere. The bill layout still uses the original font in the fields at the top of the bill but uses the new font in the fields where charges appear.

Essentially, changing the font globally doesn’t affect existing fields in the bill layout. If you add new fields to the top of the bill (the Bill Header — First Page section), Timeslips displays the new fields using the new font; it just doesn’t update the font of existing fields when you change the font globally.


No problem. You can change the font of existing fields by using these steps:

  1. Press and hold down the Ctrl key as you click each field you want to change.

    Clicking a field selects it; holding down Ctrl as you click enables you to select multiple fields. In this example, all the fields in the Bill Header — First Page section are selected except the Firm Name and the Firm Address — Standard fields.

    If your bill layout includes the Firm Name and Firm Address fields, Timeslips automatically supplies this information based on what is stored on the Address Information page of the General Settings dialog box. Choose Setup→General to view this information.


  2. Choose Tools→Font.

    Timeslips displays the Font dialog box. The title of the dialog box also contains the name of the last field you select (in the example, the date field).

  3. Choose a font and, if appropriate, a font size.

  4. Click OK.

    Timeslips changes the font of the selected fields.

  5. Click anywhere in the work area to cancel the selection you made in Step 1.