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How to Change Billed Slip Values by Client in Sage Timeslips

By Elaine Marmel

In Sage Timeslips you can change billed values for the slips of a particular client. Using the Arrangement 1 tab of the Client Information window, you can

  • Adjust a client’s total charges

  • Adjust a client’s charges for selected timekeepers

  • Adjust a client’s charges for selected tasks or expenses

And you can change billed values for time slips independently from expense slips. That is, you can opt to change only time charges, only expense charges, or both.

To changed billed slip values by client, choose Names→Client Info to display the Client List window. Then double-click the client whose billing arrangement you want to change, and click the Arrangement 1 tab.


You can use the two options at the top of the Billing Arrangements section to assign billing arrangements separately to time slips and expense slips, or you can opt to have one billing arrangement for both fees and costs. For this example, let’s assume that you want to set up your billing arrangements separately for fees and costs.

In each section — Fees: Charges for Time and Costs: Charges for Expenses — click the Bill Arrangement drop-down list and select an option to change billed values:

  • Choose Adjust Total Charges to change the client’s bill total by a dollar amount or a percentage.

  • Choose Adjust by Professional to change all charges on the client’s bill for a selected timekeeper by a dollar amount or a percentage.

  • Choose Adjust by Expense to change all expenses on the client’s bill by a dollar amount or a percentage.

Let’s walk through an example. Suppose that you opt to set the Fees: Charges for Time Bill Arrangement field to Adjust by Professional (or timekeeper or attorney or whatever). Click the Edit button beside the list to display the Adjust by Professional — Fees dialog box. This dialog box displays all adjustments you set up for the fee portion of your arrangement with your client, you can set up multiple adjustments.


Click the New button to display the Adjustment Entry dialog box.


In the Name drop-down list, select the nickname for the timekeeper. In the Amount box, supply a dollar amount or a percentage for the adjustment. Use a positive number to increase the amount and a negative number to decrease the amount.

If you want to apply the adjustment to all future bills, select the Recurring check box. You can supply a description for the adjustment; the description does not appear on the client’s bill. Click OK to save the adjustment entry.

Here is a sample of a client’s bill that uses the 5 percent discount adjustment for EJM’s time. Without the adjustment, the bill total would have been $500. With the adjustment, it’s $485. Note that, once again, if a client did the math, the bill wouldn’t add up. In this case, remove the Rate field from the bill layout to help avoid confusion.