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Free Guide Shows How to Set Up and Use Xero’s Pay Run

By Heather Smith

Pay run is a highly specialised area, and the regulations governing paying employees change all the time. To get help with Xero’s Pay Run, download Appendix D: Mastering Your Pay Run — a free guide on setting up and using Xero’s Pay Run.

[Credit: © 2006]
Credit: © 2006

It covers all the necessary information that you need to gather before you start, helps you work through the basic set-up requirements of different pay items, and takes you through your first and second pay run.

This guide also explains how to pay employees and let employees know that they have been paid. Finally, assistance in understanding the various pay run reports and reconciling pay run liability accounts is discussed.

The information in the appendix is generic in nature. You should seek pay run specialist advice from your Xero advisory team, such as your bookkeeper or accountant, to suit your specific circumstances.