Basics of Sage Timeslips’ TimeCapture Preferences - dummies

Basics of Sage Timeslips’ TimeCapture Preferences

By Elaine Marmel

You can set preferences that control Sage Timeslips’ TimeCapture’s behavior. In the TimeCapture window, click the Preferences button (second button from the bottom on the vertical toolbar on the right) to display the Preferences dialog box. You’ll probably want to deselect the Always on Top option; otherwise, the TimeCapture window might be in your way as you work.

How to combine Sage Timeslips’ TimeCapture entries

You can easily merge time from one entry to another, by dragging the entry you want to eliminate onto the entry you want to keep. For example, you can drag all listed actions onto the Letter to Client.docx action to combine all the entries into one entry. When you drag, drag in the Caption column.

You also can combine the time of entries listed for one program with entries listed for another program. For example, if you used Windows Explorer to open a Microsoft Word document, you can drag the Windows Explorer entry and drop it onto the Word document you opened.

How to create slips from Sage Timeslips’ TimeCapture entries

To create slips from a TimeCapture entry, you first must supply a timekeeper, client, and task for the entry and you probably should supply a description of the work, too.

You can create slips for individual entries listed below a program or for all entries listed for a program.

If the entries listed for the program apply to different clients or different tasks, double-click an individual entry below a program name to display the TimeCapture Entry dialog box.

Fill in the client for whom you did the work and the task that describes the work you did. In the Notes text box, supply a description for the slip. Then click OK.


Be aware that TimeCapture creates one slip for each entry listed below a program name in the TimeCapture window. Review the entries below a program name and merge as many as possible to produce the fewest number of slips.

After you set up TimeCapture entries so that they include clients and tasks, you can convert them to slips in Timeslips. Click the Convert to Slips button at the bottom of the TimeCapture window to display the Convert Timers to Slips dialog box.


The dialog box lists only those timers for which you’ve saved client and task information. Click OK, and TimeCapture converts the entries listed in the dialog box to slips in Timeslips.

If you try to run Timeslips while TimeCapture is running, you might get an error message. To close TimeCapture, right-click the TimeCapture icon in the system tray and choose Exit. By the way, this error doesn’t seem to occur if you open Timeslips before you open TimeCapture.

How to delete Sage Timeslips’ TimeCapture entries

If you decide that you don’t need entries that appear in the TimeCapture window, delete them. Click a program’s heading and then click the Delete (X) button on the vertical toolbar on the right. You can select multiple entries using typical Windows selection techniques:

  • To select a contiguous list, click the first entry in the list, press and hold down the Shift key, and then click the last entry in the list.

  • To select several noncontiguous entries, press and hold down the Ctrl key as you click each entry.

How to set up Sage Timeslips’ TimeCapture rules

You can set up rules for TimeCapture. For example, you might set a rule to ignore certain programs, automatically combine entries, or even assign names from Sage Timeslips to entries. Each rule consists of

  • A rule name

  • Up to two conditions

  • An action to take when the conditions are met

To easily set up a rule to ignore a particular application — in this case, to tell TimeCapture not to track time for the application — right-click the application in the Sage TimeCapture window and click Ignore, from the shortcut menu that appears; then click This Application.

A rule that ignores an application must include a condition that lists the path name for the application. The right-click approach is a much easier and less error-prone way to set up an ignore rule than trying to type the path name.

To manually set up a rule, click the Rules button (third button from the bottom on the vertical toolbar in the TimeCapture window) to display the Rules dialog box, which lists rules you’ve already established.

In the Rules dialog box, click the New (plus sign) button on the vertical toolbar on the right to display the Rule Entry dialog box.