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Dragon Professional Individual doesn't currently recognize all alternative spoken names for some symbols, but you can add them to the vocabulary. The period at the end of this sentence, for example, has more aliases (alternative names) than most criminals. The words period, decimal point, dot, point, stop, and full stop are all valid names for that same symbol in different contexts.

If you have an alternative spoken name you would like to use for a word, phrase, or symbol, use the Vocabulary Editor to add that name. Unfortunately, you can't change any of the existing names, even if you don't like them. You can only add an alternative.

To add aliases, whether for symbols, numbers, or other terms, launch the Vocabulary Editor (choose Vocabulary→Open Vocabulary Editor) and then do the following:

  1. Type the term or symbol that needs an alias in the Search For text box.

    The list scrolls to show the current written and spoken forms.

    To see all the currently defined symbols and dictation commands in the Vocabulary Editor, you must scroll up above the terms beginning with "a."

  2. Click the Add button.

    The Add New Word or Phrase dialog box appears.

  3. Type a new term in the Spoken Form box, and then click the Add button.

    A second copy of the word appears in the vocabulary list, with your new alias and a plus sign (+) to mark the alias as a custom term. (If the alias doesn't work out, you can delete it. Just click the line and then click the Delete button.)

When you change the spelling of a word, the new word does not have the same context data assigned to it as the original — which can be good or bad. For example, if you add a new version of the word center spelled centre, Dragon loses the context data that tells it what words appear near it. To have alternate written forms of words, you should change the properties of existing words by choosing DragonBar→ Vocabulary→Open Vocabulary Editor, select the word center, and then click the Properties button.

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