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Macro viruses are malicious programs designed to attach themselves to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. When an unsuspecting victim opens an infected file, the virus can spread and do something nasty, such as deleting your files or the entire contents of your hard drive.

To stop these pests from wrecking your files, get an antivirus program, avoid downloading or accepting any files from unknown people, and turn on Office 2016's built-in macro-protection feature, which can disable macros or restrict what macro viruses and worms can do even if they infect your computer.

To turn on macro protection, follow these steps:

  1. Load Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

  2. Click the File tab.

  3. Click Options.

    The Options dialog box appears.

  4. Click Trust Center.

    The Trust Center options appear in the right pane.

  5. Click the Trust Center Settings button.

    The Trust Center dialog box appears.

  6. Click the Macro Settings options displayed.

  7. Select one of the following radio buttons:

    • Disable all macros without notification: The safest but most restrictive setting, this prevents any macros (valid or viruses) from running when you open the file.

    • Disable all macros with notification: This is the default setting; it displays a dialog box that lets you turn on macros if you trust that the file isn't infected.

    • Disable all macros except digitally signed macros: Blocks all macros except for the ones "authenticated" (previously defined as "trusted") by the user.

    • Enable all macros: This setting runs all macros, which is the most dangerous setting.

  8. Click OK until you return to the Save As dialog box.

  9. Click Save.

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